British Admiralty Publications

December 14, 2017

New editions British Admiralty Publications 

NP No.   Title and other remarks                                                                                                      Date           
NP57BADMIRALTY Sailing Directions. Norway Pilot Volume 2B (Tenth Edition) 2017.09/11/2017
NP1ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions. Africa Pilot Volume 1 (Eighteenth Edition) 2017.23/11/2017
NP81ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume H 2017/18
Northern and Eastern Coasts of Canada, Including River Saint
Lawrence and Saint Lawrence Seaway
NP133CADMIRALTYENC and ECDIS Maintenance Record.
NP208-18ADMIRALTY Tide Tables, South East Atlantic Ocean, West Africa and Mediterranean
(Including Tidal Stream Tables).
NP281(2)ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals. Maritime Radio Stations.
The Americas, Far East and Oceania
NP33ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions.
Philippine Islands Pilot. Sixth Edition 2017
NP286(5)ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals. Pilot Services, Vessel Traffic Services and Port Operations.
North America, Canada and Greenland. 2017/18 Edition
NP284ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals.
Meteorological Observation Stations. 2017/18 Edition
NP131ADMIRALTY Maritime Products and Services Catalogue 2018 Edition21/12/2017
NP164-18Dover Daily Times of High Water (HW) and Mean Range (MR) of the tide  Edition 201821/12/2017
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