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July 10, 2018

Mooring Equipment Guidelines (MEG4)

This publication establishes recommended minimum requirements that will help ship designers, terminal designers,
ship operators and mooring line manufacturers improve the design, performance and safety of mooring systems.

Published 28th June 2018

Shiphandling - Passenger Ships Without Tugs

Written by an industry expert, this detailed, illustrated publication provides guidance and practical advice relating to 
the handling of cruise liners and ferries.

Published 18th June 2018

Cargo Guidelines for F(P)SOs

This new publication provides recommendations, best practice and guidance on the safety of cargo handling
and associated operations on board F(P)SO facilities. This book will be of value to those involved in the design
and management of F(P)SOs and all F(P)SO operators.

Published 6th July 2018

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